Glass Window Repair Options

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The chances of walking into a home and not seeing at least one glass window in every room are slim to none. This widely used material might be made from grains of melted silicone, sand and other microscopic ingredients – but the end result is nothing less than stunning when done properly.

What can lead to damage?

There are literally dozens of things that can result in damaged glass and in these events, there’s often no choice but to invest in the services of a glazier for a quick glass repair project. Rather than listing every single type of factor, we’ve decided to categorise the most common and you’ll find information on them by reading below.

External Impact

Birds, stray stones and even a bee travelling at high speed can take their toll on the structure of a glass window – and if they happen to hit the panel at the right (or wrong) angle, then it won’t be uncommon for a chip or a crack to appear. In these events, and if the glass doesn’t break, a good glazier will be able to inject resin to reinforce the structure and return the panel back to working order.

Excessive Temperatures

It’s not just heat that can affect glass – it’s the cold too, in fact colder temperatures are responsible for the majority of residential glass needing repair. In the heat there’s a risk of blowing and in the cold there’s a concern over splits forming, as the glass struggles to maintain the heat from indoors and the cold from outside.