Plumbers in Australia

How Much Experience do Plumbers in Australia Need?

Hiring a plumber in Australia has never been easier and with many service providers prioritising their costs as highly as their quality; plumbing projects have also never been more affordable.

The first step in the process is for a potential plumber to register as an apprentice, or sign up to a relevant training course. During this period, their skills will be tested and they will be introduced to a variety of techniques used for every day projects. After this initial introductory phase, a candidate will be granted a licence card that will enable them to further pursue their education.

At this point, the plumber will be required to undergo a variety of advanced training courses in order to obtain further qualifications and proof of skills. These qualifications go up to a certification level of three, named the CPC32413 certificate. This is the highest qualification available and depending on the career path chosen, a plumber may be granted the certificate in plumbing or gas fitting.

The newly qualified plumber will then be required to complete a form and submit documentation to the TAM (The Traineeship and Apprenticeship Management Branch). Any further education will typically relate to drainage, sanitary systems, gas management and pipe installation – and these topics will be covered within all of the above qualification classes.

Only then will a plumber be deemed fit to provide their services to the general public. It is these demanding processes that ensure that a plumber is well suited to their career and can be trusted with the general maintenance of gas and water systems within a home.